Les vies d'Einstein
au musée d'histoire des sciences de Genève
jeudi 17 novembre 2005 à 18h30, conférence de John Heilbron
"Einstein au temps de Newton et Descartes"
(la conférence sera donnée dans la langue de Newton)

"Among the more colorful contributions to the International Year of Physics is the comic book, Les vies d'Einstein. It traces the experiences of a long-lived character who begins his education in Ancient Greece as Enalithos and continues it as Al' Berteinstein with Arab-speaking mathematicians, Alberto Unsasso with Galileo, and Albert Onestone with Newton, acquiring in the process enough of the wisdom of the ages to become Albert Einstein. The story omits an important incarnation and episode. This was the time that Albert Unepierre spent talking with Descartes. If there was a scientific revolution that overthrew received approaches to natural knowledge and opened the road to mathematical physics, Descartes was its main instigator, its Marx and Lenin in one res cogitans. The lecturer will indicate what Unepierre might have learned from Descartes; how physical science altered in response to Cartesian doctrine; and whether the concept of scientific revolution supports a useful description of Descartes' and/or Einstein's contributions to physics."
John Heilbron

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17 novembre 2005, john Heilbron "Einstein au temps de Newton et Descartes"
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